Tierra Mestiza: Latin-Music from different Latinamerican-Countrys for stringquintet and Guitar. With Rodrigo Guzman (Guitar) from Chile

The soul of Greece: For Stringquintet, Bouzouki and Baglamas. Greek music from Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis, traditional greek-music, Rembetiko. With Stringquintet, Bouzouki, Baglamas, singing and moderation. With Nikos Hatziliadis – Bouzouki

Dont cry for love: Old German songs from the filmperiod of the UFA – Co. From 1920 -1945
Hits from Comedian Harmonists, Marlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander a.s.o.
 With a singer and moderation. Guest: Katja Bördner (Sopran) – We have a Demo-CD

„American Dream“: 
BEST OF“: Leroy Anderson, Henry Mancini and Duke Ellington
From „Blue Tango“, „Fiddle, Faddle“, „Typewriter“ to „Pink Panther“ and „Inspector Clouseau“. From „Moon River“, „Mood Indigo“ to „Caravan“. The Worldhits from three of the biggest american composers

Night and Day: 
Music between two Dawns (music between two world wars). 
American – and German – Swing from the 30th

The kings of the Walzera: 

Walzes and Polkas from Johann Strauß Father and Son, till Josef Lanner. Faszinating vienna music!

„Tango con amigos“: 
Original Argentin – Tango with Stringquintet and Bandoneón,
Guest: Enrique Telleria (Montevideo/Bandoneón)
 CD under BAL-9490-1

Faszination Tango
: Tangoretrospective without Bandoneón 
(Tangohistory from Argentin beginnings, to Salon-Tango,
 Tango in classic music, till Tango Nuevo)

Nice Gigolo: 
Instrumental out of the 30th from the last century, UFA-Hit-Program 
(Music from: Marlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander, Comedian Harmonists,
 Hans Albers, Heinz Rühmann) without singer, just instrumental but great

Au revoir, bon voyage – 
We tell you the story of the Comedian Harmonists and there emigrant-group. We play you all of there french-hits, with the singer: Katja Bördner

Musique à la carte
: Mixed music from all Genres, like a menue-card in music. Could be conected with a real dinner. With Stringquintet

The golden 20th in Berlin
: Musicaly walk through Berlin in the 20th of the last century. You here music from Paul Hindemith, Ernst Krenek till Kurt Weill,
 from George Gershwin till Duke Ellington

music to all causes
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