True to their name

In 1988, five musicians from the Wurttemberg Philharmonic Orchestra in Reutlingen (South Germany), decided to create a rather special string quintet, with two violins, one viola, one cello and one double bass, to explore new directions next to their orchestral activities and develop projects that would take them a long way from the usual duties of classically trained musicians.

According to Südwestrundfunk Radio 2 (one of the leading classical music radio stations in Germany) they cross over the boundaries between serious and light music. What used to be light is now serious, what is light today will be serious tomorrow. Therefore the only criterion, quality, is the motto of this group, a motto to which they have always been faithful. They are not afraid of novelty which, together with creativity, governs their activities. Their programs are always carefully researched and constructed.


Their range extends from classical to modern and contemporary music; from the era of the waltz to the best of palm-court music, from swing, hits, musicals, film music, Argentinean tangos, to pop music of today. Their main work consists of: classical concerts, debate-concerts, programs with soloists (with harp, guitar, singers, winds), theatrical programs, light music concerts, a program of Argentinean tangos (with bandoneon), film music hits of the thirties (with a singer), Greece Rembetiko music with Bouzouki, Latin-Music with Guitar and a play with a physical theater group (with the LYNX theater company from Bern, Switzerland). Special programs for children and all generations, in whom the public may go through and accompagny the ensemble.

The group has already recorded the following CDs:

1. “Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt…”, (“The wind told me a song…”)
Hits of German film music from 1930 to 1942, strings and Udo Scheuerpflug, tenor singer.

2. “Quintett-à-Tête”, the music of a dance-choreography
Mixed music mixed from all categorys for strings, by Christian Mattis, LYNX, Switzerland -> Link

3. “Tango Danzarin”, original Argentinean tango,
for strings, with Lothar Hensel, bandoneon. (IN-AK/BAL-9490-1).

4.  “Bottesini, Paganini of the contrabass”
Music for Solo Double-Bass and strings, with Michinori Bunya, contrabass solo. (Naxos/audite 97.460)

5. “The Comedian Harmonists at Paris”
Hits the a-capella boygroup Comedian Harmonists sung French, strings and Florence Launey, singer (its a Demo CD)

6. “Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen”, (“Dont cry for Love”)
Hits of German film music, strings and Katja Bördner, singer (its a Demo CD)

7. “The Soul Of Greece”
Music from Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatzidakis and Rembetiko music for Stringquintet, Bouzouki and Baglamas with Nikos Hatziliadis, Bouzouki and singing

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