Kids and Generations

American Dream, music to play and go through
a child or a generation concert, from the granny to the grandchild (in one hour) to music of Leroy Anderson one and Henry Mancini

Who plays the typewriter with the titel “Typewriter”? Sandpaper with “Sandpaper Ballet”? Ticking the clock with “Syncopated Clock”? e.s.o.? All may be supposed and, go through and have much joy.

The kings of the Walzerära, Walzer, Ländler, Polka, Gallopp, to the along-danced to music of Johann Strauss father and son, as well as Josef Lanner (in one hour) Who has desire Walzer to understand Ländler, to dance to Polka and Gallopp and understand the difference between 3 and 2/4ter beat to experience? Also everyone may go through from the granny to the grandchild.